When Colour Lost Light

by daysdeaf

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released April 10, 2014

Music and lyrics by daysdeaf
Production by daysdeaf
Mixing/mastering by daysdeaf



all rights reserved


daysdeaf Toronto, Ontario

Some music just stays with you and leaves you deaf for days...

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Track Name: White Flags
One man marches on the edge of the soul,
Another watches from the eye of his...
Tolls are heavy on this side of the world
When one man's bias is what another man is fighting for.

Before too long we'll all be waving white flags.
Track Name: Silver (oh Mercury!)
Silver-tongued, blue blood, Mercury:
slender serpent with self-economy.
Dressed red-carpet and silver-screen
Reaching for dreams nothing comes between.

She reached for the moon but she slipped too soon.
When you got it all they want/watch you fall.
Get right.

So many lessons unlearned from a silver platter
So many values unpruned from a silver spoon
Images of silver lining do shatter when her blood runs silver too soon.

Oh Mercury, they watched you fall
Welcome to the bottom of it all,
We're the same here, we all.

But you can still get it right.
Track Name: Giving Life To Greys
I've got myself stealing things I don't even need
Like a dead watch, a casket: these things exceed.
I've got myself on the corner of a dream
Of a painter, her brushstroke, and her willingness to bleed.

You're standing to close to me
It makes me feel uneasy.
I've got itchy feet,
Man, I must look so fishy.

Back then in the chorus of the colour
We lost ourselves to one another.
Back when our lives were all aflutter
We lost ourselves to each other.

The simple things get me off my seat, fill my empty.
A subtle whisper as you leave is enough to send me, finally get me off to sleep.

I've got myself stealing things I don't even need,
Like a single shoe, a canvas: these things exceed.
I've got myself on the corner of dream
Of a tightrope walker with a daring to exceed.
Track Name: Purple Thrills
I take one down for the youth. Them.
It keeps coming off my brain stem:
wanting more, and more.

One thrill for the AM:
A swift fuck and a thank you ma'am,
Neglecting my chores.

Inside the man opens his hand and says this is the cure.

All is clear
I've been humming since time.
I've been up all night listening to "Girl Is Mine."

All is fear
I've been running since time
I've been up all night dancing to "Girl Is Mine."

Girl is mine.
Track Name: Deep Blue, Deep
They spent their lives waiting for god.
I grabbed my poison and fill my fog:
Brown drink slick down
Ruthlessly drink, drown.
Cause I can't sleep with this deep blue deep.

Black and blue mark my ego
Been neglecting my credo
Been burning with a low blue flame
Riding out my butane
between the devil and the deep blue, deep

Lost at sea, everyone is blameless.
The cost to me, I'm living rather aimless.
I can't see how to be free, so I repress. It's painless.

When the marbles from your head spill on the floor.
You can count them one by one or four by four.
If you can't find them you can just ignore
and pour another drink, fill up, slip up on me.
Track Name: Chasing Green
I don't give a fuck.
I couldn't give a fuck less.
All the same undressed when sleep becomes sleepless.
Perfect dark. The next step leads to the question mark,
Resignation embarked without leaving marks:
Historically invisible.
Rhetorically without syllables. Critical.
If you haven't lived ones love to the fullest, without ambivalence...
Smile before you expire, live under the fire, get higher, be one to admire and inspire.
Cause a life half-lived is a life half-wasted, half-tasted.
Live free from their scrutiny live free.
i can fly god damn, I'm my own man.
i know exactly where the fuck I'm going.
I know exactly who the fuck I am.
Track Name: Bright Yellow Sun
The actors says, "I've been employed so long, god damn; I don't know who I really am."

The bricklayer says, "I've stacked a million miles far; it's so lonely when you don't even know who you are."

With a lifeless occupation, lowly she's humming, says, "I wonder what it means to be passionate about something."

Another season's changed and I'm still the same: reaching for the sun.

A spinning wheel without locomotion you are,
Falsely reeling under the impression that you are keeping time,
But time is serving you.
Fill up your plate, satisfy your appetite and get through -
Because she ain't serving seconds.
She's flying away on her wings.

Knowledge of this really disturbs my confidence. I'm trying to find purpose, balance, and become whole again. But she just slips on by, graceful in her sly…

This is no way to die.

No, never. I said never.
I was made to brave any weather - no, never, not I.
This is not the way I plan to die.

Straighten my spine, straightens me.
Inflating my power, focus clearly.
With a champion will and potency,
And a pregnant purpose that just compels to be free.

Another reason to change - and I burst to flames, reaching for the sun.
Track Name: Tangerine
The past is dead weight but it never forgives,
When you contemplate things you did and never did.

Uneven in the evening
Crimson against the clean
Peel the tangerine if you wanna see.

The past it complicates but it can't ever forget.
Who you were, now outgrown: body parts together sewn.

Carrying lessons with crushing standards,
Hoping not to flake and burn where you stand, where you turn.
Track Name: redREd
Red-hot I'm the ruler of my kingdom
redRed, despot: my rhythm is fearsome.
Livid, seeing red when I caught you in the act red-handed, branded demon.
When the camera gives you red-eye
When you paint the town red, giving red herrings
Breaking, swayed and betrayed.
Your face is red - I'll never be like you, I'd rather be dead.
So here's your red letter-day, you faked/you feigned.

Cause you see I'm forever homemade.
Never fucking masquerade.
Track Name: Nazi Pink Triangles
One for the woman who couldn't help it at all
Two for the man that couldn't help it as well
Three for the ones that couldn't help falling in love with you

Afraid of pink elephants
She's living in her father's home
Looking through rose-coloured glass,
But her stomach churns, she turns.

Says "god help me, somebody…"

He wears pink on his uniform
Living in the furors tombs
Accepting that it's all for nothing
As he watches his lovers burn, he turns.

Says "god help me, somebody…"

The weight becomes feathers
As history reclaims the colour.

Hidden way too long
Closed eyes don't see mirrors
But colour can be restored
When you know who you are and what you're fighting for.
Track Name: Iridescent
I see you from where I am
I see you from
Catching my vision
Iris of sequins
In parallax i see changes
You seem different from when
These are tricks of illumination
Or you've never been genuine

You keep changing in the moments
Your person: iridescent

From face to face you beguile with a clever smile
You shimmer iridescent.
From place to place deadly in your versatile
You shimmer iridescent.

I see you from where I am
You see me from
Reflecting my vision
My eyes of sequins
We parallel, I see changes
I may be different from when..
These are skills of optical illusion
Or I've never been genuine
Track Name: CMY
When I'm riding blasting Biggie in my beatbox I never feel Yellow
Whiskey sunk, smoking funk gets me back on the level.
We're trying get on solid ground: precarious, nefarious,
We keep going round and round.

It takes it all away from me
It takes it all away from you
It takes it all away from me
It takes it all away from you

With a magenta floral dress, careless in the sun-setting; like me, setting
slowly gently. She brims with whimsy, fondly whimsy: dreams of you,
as I, cmy, try to get loose.
I can't get close to you baby.

Pools of... skin is changing hue.
Cyanotic to sleep aquatic there's no antibiotic for a man neurotic.

Track Name: Prism
Your words they separate me; in halves by your diction,
That you choose so carefully, I know.
Sometimes they rearrange me, I know that's not your intention
But I must admit fully, it is so.

I said,
"To me this just means what you mean to me
You break my light and bend my reflection
To me this just means what you mean to me
You break my light but showed me the spectrum of colour"

And I can make you crumble, when Im choosing my action:
I am just what I am, and this you know.
I understand your skepticism, but that's far from my direction.
I'm never running angles, that's for sure.

You said,
"To me this just means what you mean to me"
You break my light and bend my reflection
To me this just means what you mean to me
You break my light but showed me the spectrum of colour"

Your light always contains the colour
My light always contains the colour
My light always contains your light.
Track Name: Light